Underfloor wheel lathe

A high quality, safe and cost-effective solution for wheelset machining.

The Danobat underfloor wheel lathe is a specifically designed and cost-saving machine for the preventive and corrective maintenance of railway wheels and brake-discs. We have a wide range of underfloor wheel lathes to adapt to any type of vehicle, whether high speed, locomotive, commuter train, tram or metro. It can perform without the need of dismounting the axle from the bogie and it is provided with the latest technologies.


  • UWL range for all vehicle types:
    • Tram
    • Metro
    • Commuter
    • High Speed
    • Locomotive
  • Fully automatic machining process
  • Smart machining: reduces cycle time, increases the process reliability and safety and extends the life of the wheels within a railway fleet.
  • Conceived to operate with only one operator
  • Ease of use: User-friendly interface for an intuitive operation that assists the operator and helps in optimizing machining processes.
  • Optimized layout and pit configuration
  • Designed for best ergonomics and ease of maintenance.



Track gauge mm 1000 to 1676 1000 to 1676 1000 to 1676
in 39.5 to 66 39.5 to 66 39.5 to 66
Wheel Ø mm 350 to 1250 350 to 1250 350 to 1250
in 14 to 49.5 14 to 49.5 14 to 49.5
Profile width mm 75 to 150 75 to 150 75 to 150
in 2.95 to 6 2.95 to 6 2.95 to 6
Main drive power kW 4x9 2x30 2x30
hp 5x12 3x40 3x40
Chip section mm2 6 10 10
in2 0.009 0.015 0.015
Single --
Tandem --

Variable track gauge --


Clamping Solutions

A) Externally mounted axle-boxes

B) Internally mounted axle-boxes

C) Between Centres


1) Wheel Profile

2) Internal faces

3) External faces

4) Wheel mounted brake-disc facing

5) Axle mounted brake-disc facing

6) Wear grooves

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