High speed train maintenance workshop depot equipment

Our solution

  • Maintenance based on condition
  • Cost effective monitoring solution
  • Measurement of all rotative components mounted on the bogie in operation conditions
  • All bogie types can be dynamically tested

Previous machining process

  • Maintenance based on theoretical lifespan expectations
  • Need to invest for onboard monitoring for the whole fleet
  • Test done only separately; component by component
  • Only motor bogies can be dynamically tested


  • Operational cost reduction by early damage detection
  • Enabled condition based maintenance saves around 50% bogie maintenance cost
  • Optimized scheduling of maintenance
  • Reduction of vehicle standstills and maintenance overtime work
  • Reduced need of maintenance
  • Verification of all rotative components
  • Maintenance based on condition
  • Extend maintenance intervals and simplified maintenance test
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Increase rolling stock reliability and availability

Installation Consists of

Two systems of dynamic bogie test rig

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