Wheel profile measuring

Our solution

The world leading wheel profile measuring system with 8 triangulation units that measure:

  • Flange Height
  • Flange  Width
  • qR factor
  • Rim Thickness
  • Full Wheel Profile
  • Thread Hollow
  • Bact to back Measurement
  • Wheel diameter

Previous machining process

  • Handheld gauge-contact measurement equipment
  • Portable non-contact measurement equipment recording geometrical data


  • Accuracy: Full view of running profile of railway wheels and possibility to measure other indicators such as “Wheel thread Hollow”.
  • Robustness: the unit is protected and isolated from the outside. The triangulation units are designed so they do not deform even in severe climatic conditions and to reduce vibrations.
  • Installation: installation of the system is simple and fast. No need for civil works or removing sleepers for on-track installation. 

Installation Consists of

  • Wheel profile measuring system DWPM
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