Boring Cell

The boring cell enables measuring axle wheel seats and boring wheel pairs accordingly, depending on the required tightness for the press. The process and material handling are automatic.


  • Maximum productivity with minimum manpower: Cost reduction
  • Fully automated cell
  • High productivity rate takt time
  • Safety and ergonomics guaranteed for the operator
  • Minimum misfit rates
  • Wheel boring done according to wheel seat measurement (done automatically and sent to borers)
  • Fully automated cycle from stack wheels and ready-to-mount axles (Delivered from UARC or new axles)
  • Connectivity between machines in order to guarantee a reliable bore and mount process.

Technical Data

  • Cell capacity: 140 wheelset/shift
  • Minimum misfit rate
  • Range of axles: Max - min length/max - min diam
  • Range of wheels: Max - min diam
  • Cell managed by a 2 operators
  • Occupied footprint
    • Boring and mount cell


The inspection and refurbishment process gives response to standard repair process flows as per ARR with the pieces of equipment listed below:

  • Wheel seat measurement machine
  • Wheel de stackers
  • Wheel borer
  • Wheel press
  • Wheelset assembly measuring
  • Automatic handling of wheel and axles along the cell