Axles for high speed train

Our solution

  • Automatic line LMF3 for high-speed train axles which ensures the high precision and quality that these components require
  • Turnkey line for the manufacturing and verification of 15.000 axles per year
  • The line is the most advanced in the world for the manufacturing of railway axles, both for the complexity of the system, totally integrated and automated, and for the variety of innovative solutions on each individual machine making it up

Previous machining process

  • Stand-alone machines
  • The process was not automatic


  • Production times are shorter
  • Higher efficiency in human resourses usage
  • Reduced amount of manual handling operations; lower worker safety risks
  • Less waste
  • Lower dimensional tolerances that improve considerably the final product and reduce manufacturing costs

Installation Consists of

  • Axle identification and automatic loading unit
  • Machining: end milling, turning (roughing and finishing), rolling and grinding
  • Cleaning
  • Measuring
  • Ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection
  • Robotic system for axle handling and tool change
  • Modular and customized line control system
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