Danobat has conceived a cost-effective solution for used axle refurbishment. The cell carries out measuring and refurbishing operations on the used axle by means of an axle cleaner, a high-accuracy measuring machine and a refurbishment station, following the AAR standard. The cell also classifies the axles in different axle racks depending on the outcomes of the inspections.


  • Modularity & Scalability: Today´s needs won´t compromise future developments
  • Adaptability: Facing different entry conditions successfully
  • Suitable for any type of infrastructure


Technical Data

Dimensioning is within everyone’s reach but the process is not. Know-how of the complete process.

  • Cell capacity: 100 axles/sift
  • Range of axles: Max - min length/max-min diametre
  • Each cell managed by a single operator
  • Possibility to add a second operator for peak seasons (refurbishment capacity increased)
  • Occupied footprint
    • UARC 1 ( A x B x C)
    • UARC 2 ( A x B x C)


The inspection and refurbishment process gives response to standard repair process flows as per ARR with the pieces of equipment listed below:

  • Automatic axle washing machine
  • Automatic axle measuring system
  • Automated good/scrap axle selection
  • Manned axle refurbishment cabin
  • Automated UT axle inspection
  • Automated MPI axle inspection

Complete automation for the axle progress and loading/unloading of each piece of equipment included